Grimm and Co. 15/03/17

Today we had a school coming in for a session in the story making part of the apothecary.

When we got there in the morning, unfortunately the school had cancelled, meaning that the story session was no longer running. I was a little annoyed over this, however we knew that we would still have a fun day creating and writing to the children who had written letters to the mythical creatures.

We were asked to do a number of tasks to help with an event that Grimm and Co. were attending in Sheffield Hallam University, showing how the diversity of the charity and how they’re helping to improve the literacy skills of young children in the Yorkshire area. This meant that we had to choose objects and stories that the children had made/written/created which were to be put in a cabinet on the day of the event. There were a lot of items to go through, we had to write down everything onto a spreadsheet, so that they knew what was going to the event and what wasn’t. Items that the children made included boxes that included scrolls that they had made, stories that they had written and a map that they had drawn.

After we chose what items were going to the event (which was a lot of stuff made from pipe cleaners, we were given a choice of what we could do next. We decided to start by printing images of the people who had donated a large amount of their time/money to the charity on to the ‘Wall of Fame’ at the top of the magical stairs. Doing this made me realise how well the Grimm and Co. charity have done, going from a very little charity to something that local Yorkshire celebrities have helped to fund.

We were also asked to plan an activity for the young children for a comedy festival that is happening in Rotherham town central over the Easter period. We never got to finish this task, unfortunately, due to a meeting happening with the staff at Grimm. I would like to finish this, as they were genuinely going to consider using our ideas.

My time at Grimm and Co. has been absolutely amazing. It was a great opportunity to meet new people and help children to improve their literacy skills and build up their confidence in writing.

I would 100% recommend to anyone to go there, even if its just to buy some ‘Leprechaun Luck’ from their shop! 🙂

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