Fight For Girls Education – Supporting Project

08/03/17 marked the day that I helped support my friends in their event that they were hosting for the Fight for Girls Education project.

After attending a meeting 2 days before, I was informed that they were going to host an event based on what the public thought of equality and feminism, and a discussion around that – it just so happened to be taking place on International Women’s Day.

The event was a board where people could put up post it notes on with their thoughts and opinions for all to read. There were also posters of  different celebrity ambassadors for different charities, and those who have been vocal in the media about their views, these included Emma Watson’s HeForShe speech, Beyonce and many others.

There was also a raffle taking place to help raise money for a charity called Street Child. We decided to raffle two jars of sweets, people had to guess how many sweets were in the jar for £1 per guess. Street Child is a charity that helps young children in Sierra Leone gain access to education and helping them find a safe environment for them to live and develop. In 2013, they helped over 20,000 children so they’re a great charity, and we felt that it would be a great opportunity to support them and raise some money, in order for the children to continue getting the support that they need.

The day was a success and I’m so happy I was able to support the project taking place.

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